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Upcoming lecture

Paul Brand (University of Oxford): 'Dower ex assensu: trial by jury and trial by witnesses in the 13th century'


Past lectures

This is a complete list of the lectures organised by the Centre for English Legal History since its inception:

Professor Michael Lobban (LSE): 'Martial Law in Black and White: the rule of law, the British empire and the Privy Council, 1899-1906'

Professor Alain Wijffels (KU Leuven): 'Why civil lawyers? Alberico Gentili's commitment to legal scholarship and public governance' (2017)

Additional audio and video formats are available to download from the University Streaming Media service.

Presentation:  (24 MB)

Professor David Ibbetson (University of Cambridge): 'Milsom's Legal History' (2016)

Accompanying symposium

  • George Garnett (University of Oxford) 'Milsom and beyond'
  • Hector MacQueen (University of Edinburgh) 'Milsom abroad: the feudal framework of Scots law'
  • Norman Doe (Cardiff University) 'Milsom on ecclesiastical law'
  • Paul Brand (University of Oxford) 'Building on Milsom: the strange history of c.7 of the Statute of Gloucester (1278)'
  • John Hudson (University of St Andrews) 'Glanvill’s framework: language, law and identity'
  • Professor Martyn Rady, ‘Not the Magna Carta: Hungary and the Golden Bull of 1222’ (2015)
  • Professor Christine Carpenter, ‘Landowners’ use of the law in the fourteenth century’ (2014)
  • Professor Sir John Baker, 'The Legal History Nobody Knows' (2013)